What does a cart cost?

Whether you’re comparing our impressive range or powerful 5KW AC motor, our goal is to always provide industry leading-value for our customers. The MSRP for our two passenger models start at $12,399 and $12,999 for our four passenger models. Our four passenger lifted models start at $14,299. These prices do not include applicable sales tax and destination freight charges which vary depending on the state.

How will I receive my Atlas golf cart?

Once your Atlas cart is available you will be contacted by an authorized Atlas dealer in your region to arrange for delivery or pickup of your new Atlas.

Do you deliver outside of the US?

At this time, we do not deliver outside the US.

Do Atlas golf carts come with a warranty?

Yes. The battery has a five year warranty and the vehicle has a limited two year warranty. For complete details see our vehicle warranty statement.

Where can I service my Atlas golf cart?

Your Atlas cart will be serviced by the same authorized dealer which arranges and completes the final sale of your Atlas. We are currently seeking new Atlas dealers in certain regions. Our goal is to ensure there's an authorized dealer within a short drive to your location. If you have any questions about where your local dealer may be located, please call (833) UR-ATLAS.

How much range does an Atlas golf cart have?

Depending on many factors such as payload, terrain, driving characteristics and weather, the two passenger models will get up to 90 miles. The four passenger will get between up to 80 miles and the four passenger lifted model up to 70.

Are Atlas golf carts street legal?

Atlas carts are street legal in many areas and communities where local regulations allow. Please confirm with your local regulatory body where you plan on driving the Atlas cart to determine what the specific requirements are for your area. This may be your HOA, city municipal government, county or state DMV.

Does Atlas offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing at participating dealers. Click here to learn more about our financing options.

Does modifying my Atlas golf cart void my warranty?

Some modifications may void certain systems on your Atlas.

Where are Atlas golf carts made?

All Atlas carts are assembled and distributed directly from our production and assembly facility in South Carolina to our authorized dealers across the US. Our service parts warehouse is also located at the same location as our assembly facility.

How fast does the Atlas cart go?

All Atlas carts are pre-set with a top speed of no more than 20 mph. Your authorized Atlas dealer will have the capability to adjust the top speed for you.

What is Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)?

Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) is a street legal classification within the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) for LSV. Low speed vehicle can be legally driven on most public roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph

Is a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) Street Legal?

Low Speed Vehicles may also be referred to as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) or Street Legal Vehicles.

Why should I choose a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)?

Traditional golf carts can meet most all customer needs, but many customers are opting for Low Speed Vehicles because of the higher top speed and added safety features like a backup camera and pedestrian noise alert.  With the growth and acceptance of golf carts, some communities are now requiring Low Speed Vehicles because of the added safety features, and because Low Speed Vehicles meet a federal vehicle standard.

The table below provides an overview of where you can drive a golf cart compared to a Low Speed Vehicle.  The table for reference only.  Always check local rules and regulations to learn more about your area-specific restrictions.


Atlas LSV

Atlas Golf Cart

Golf cart communities


Recreational spaces

Campgrounds & parks with improved surfaces

Public roads with posted speed limit of 35 mph
or in some states 45 mph


* Check local rules and regulations about your area-specific restrictions.

What features are different between an Atlas Low Speed Vehicle and Atlas Golf Cart?

The table below provides a comparison of Atlas Low Speed Vehicle and Atlas Golf Car.


Atlas LSV

Atlas Golf Cart

Headlights & Taillights

Rearview Mirror

Side Mirrors

Dot Seatbelts

Turn Signals


4-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes

Automatic Park Brake

Aluminum Chassis

Lithium Battery

DOT Windshield


VIN Number


Backup Camera


Pedestrian Noise Alert


Street Legal





Standard Equipment