AC Drive System

Technology you need. Every Atlas comes with an advanced AC drive system to ensure you have all the power needed to get your family and friends to where the action is.

Lithium Batteries

Nothing compares to lithium. All Atlas carts feature a massive 105 Ah or 210 Ah lithium battery, no other manufacturer offers such a large battery pack as standard. With this much power you’ll be able to go more places in your Atlas!

Powerful Hill Climbing Torque

No need to take it slow. The powerful AC drive system ensures you're not getting passed and will zip up those neighborhood hills with ease.

Speed at the Push of a Pedal

Smooth and responsive. The Atlas was designed to offer a comfortable ride with responsive acceleration and smooth braking to give you and your family the peace of mind. And every atlas is equipped with an automatic electric parking brake. No more forgetting to "set" the parking brake. We've got it covered.

Hassle Free Maintenance

No more watering or expensive replacement batteries. With a five year battery warranty and no need for watering or maintenance, the Atlas cart makes owning a golf cart hassle-free and reliable for years to come. And with the electric motor braking, you're greatly reducing the load on your brake system and pads.